Locally owned and operated since 1977!

When we first opened, we just needed a place to sell peaches. This building had been Metzger's Produce for many years but was vacant in 1977. We had 12,000 peach trees so we sold a lot of peaches! But when peach season was over, we had to think of what else to do with the store. It evolved into a health food store for many years. In 2019 we evolved yet again into more of a general store with ton of African market baskets, our own Peach Basket brand of high quality vitamins, herbs, and essential oils, Fredericksburg Farms products, Fredericksburg Honey, and Big Bend coffee. We take pride in this store and in helping people.  We have a juice bar that operates in our store named Frisch Juicerie (phone (503) 421-5767), as well as a compounding pharmacy named Gail's Apothecary (phone (830) 998-8658.