Let's Talk CBD!

The Peach Basket CBD oils, creams, lotions, and soft gels have been the best formulas we have carried in our 43 years of helping people. We can say that because people come back and tell us how much it is helping them for pain, anxiety, and sleep issues.
We've done our homework, like we always have, when we decide which supplements to carry. That's why we chose a particular manufacturer in Denver to make it for us. We don't just carry any brand that calls us wanting us to sell their stuff for them. If we did, we'd have 543 brands with who knows what in them. When we put the Peach Basket label on a product, you can trust that it is quality.
When something popular comes along, like CBD, everybody and their dog starts to sell it. Fact is, you don't know where it came from or even what's really in it. We do. We know what's in our CBD. We know how much is really in it as well. We have the third party lab results, where you can see that when our bottle says 3,000 mg of cbd in the 1 ounce bottle, it actually has a tad more at 3,012 mg.
Another reason our customers love our CBD is the price. Our 3,000 mg 1 ounce bottle is only $99.99. We've seen many competitors that sell a bottle of only 1,000 mg for that price. We give you more bang for your buck.